follow-ed (after hokusai) at Gallery P74, Installation views
follow-ed (after hokusai) at Gallery P74
Gallery P74, Ljubljana (first floor to the right, lower level to the left)
Twentysix books by Jeff Brouws, Eric Tabuchi, Joachim Schmid, Michael Maranda ..
Some Small books by Scott McCarney, Jonathan Monk, Thomas Galler, Yann Serandou
Reading Corner with books by Julie Cook, Tanja Lazetic, Tadej Pogacar ...
Some Leporellos on the wall and some Colored Books in Vitrines
Air Views by Duegyoung Lee, Hermann Zschiegner, Jeff Eaton ...
Leporello Street Views by Yoshikazu Suzuki (1954), Ed Ruscha (1966) and ...
Palmen by Hildegard Karnath
Review of Follw-ed (after Hokusai) in Delo, Slowenian newspaper
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