NINE SWIMMING SONNETS, Michalis Pichler, 2011

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Ulises Carrión SONNET(S) 1972
Michalis Pichler OTHER SONNET(S) 2009 - (ongoing)

This vis-à-vis would be the occasion to bring face to face the artist's publication "SONNET(S)" by Ulises Carrión, 1972 and "OTHER SONNETS" by Michalis Pichler, here in particular "THIRTYSIX LITHOGRAPHED SONNETS", 2009.

In 1972, Ulises Carrión produced his first artist's book "SONNET(S)" which consists of a 44 variations of a sonnet by Dante Gabriel Rosetti titled "Heart"s Compass".Using the langage like a material, Carrión writes Rossetti's poem over and over again on a typewriter, in slightly different versions.

Michalis Pichler, a Berlin-based experimental writer, artist and publisher, in a similar approach, created 44 new variations produced and published a book titled "SOME MORE SONNET(S)" - and on the last page of this book announced a multitude of OTHER SONNET(S), mostly imaginary .
In an ongoing process, Pichler produced some of them, like "THIRTYSIX LITHOGRAPHED SONNETS".